About Us

About Us


Manoir Notre-Dame Manor

We realize that moving to a retirement home can sometimes be a difficult step for seniors as well as for those around them. We are there to make the transition easier. Our caring and understanding staff will welcome you, advise you and will help make your stay a happy one.

Manoir Notre-Dame Manor (“the Manor”) has offered seniors an exceptional living environment since it opened its doors on February 1, 1996, with 56 rooms. In 1997, an additional 20 rooms were added, with 20 more in 1999. Today, the Manor offers 96 rooms of various sizes and styles on two floors.

At Manoir Notre-Dame Manor, we believe seniors deserve the best. Over the past nearly 20 years, our perseverance and constant search for excellence have resulted in a residence that enjoys a great reputation and that provides a home where happy seniors live a full life.

Manoir Notre Dame Manor is a private establishment but is licensed and supervised by the Department of Social Development for a total of 120 beds.


Our goal is to help our residents enjoy the greatest independence and the best quality of life possible. The Manor offers physical, psychological, social, spiritual as well as cultural support.


Manoir Notre-Dame Manor is a special-care home offering seniors support services so that they may live in a pleasant environment.


Because we consider old age a stage of life during which each person must be able to find fulfillment, Manoir Notre-Dame Manor is committed to working while honouring the articles described in the present charter.

  • ARTICLE 1 – To develop and maintain a warm living environment which is likely to meet the various physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our residents.
  • ARTICLE 2 – To offer, with dignity and respect, comfort and comforting to our residents.
  • ARTICLE 3 – To become the residents’ home where they will enjoy a personal space in order to maintain ties with family and friends.
  • ARTICLE 4 – To respect the residents’ freedom, dignity, identity and privacy.
  • ARTICLE 5 – To recognize the residents’ right to express their choices and wishes and to make an effort to listen to their needs and to meet these needs and wishes, as much as possible.
  • ARTICLE 6 – To remain open to the outside world so as to maintain residents’ freedom to move about and to communicate and participate in community living.
  • ARTICLE 7 – To ensure that residents receive the care that is most suited to their state of health and to inform them beforehand if it becomes necessary for them to receive care outside the establishment.


Manoir Notre-Dame Manor is managed by professional administrators and staffed by dedicated, qualified caregivers and staff.

  • Valmond Robichaud

Care and Support Staff

Manoir Notre-Dame Manor staff must complete a period of probation and training. All staff must provide criminal record check approved by the RCMP, a personal file verification approved by the Department of Social Development, a medical exam, and proof of a current first-aid course. Kitchen staff must also complete a training course in food safety.